English Poem on the Tree – THE SAVIOUR

Poem on the Tree


You are the lifesaver

you are the oxygen giver.

U help everyone

and never hurt anyone.

U provide shade

but humans kill u with the blade.

poem on the tree

U bleed

humans satisfy their greed.

U are needed by everyone

but cared by no one.

U provide a home to birds

u should be prayed liked lords.

U keep everyone alive

but they don’t know how to give u life.

U provide fruits

people also use your roots.

U give treatment as medicine

u are the one who is genuine.

U clean the environment

and act as a calm patient.

U are nature’s gift

and work without any shift.

U make everyone happy

but no one knows that you are unhappy.

U are the partner of pedestrians

u are the father of vegetarians.

U seem helpless

when people show their madness.

poem of tree in english

They break u

they cut u.

You are still standing straight

not knowing what will happen next.

poem on the tree

-by Ankita Akanshya

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