Best Motivational poem | Trust your heart

Best Motivational poem

When life is tough and things go wrong,
And the road ahead seems way too long,
Just take a breath and carry on,
For you are brave, and you are strong.

Don’t let the fear consume your soul,
And don’t let doubt take its toll.
You have the power to overcome,
And rise above all that’s been done.

Best Motivational poem

Believe in yourself and trust your heart,
And know that you can make a start.
Take the first step and then the next,
And soon you’ll find yourself perplexed.

For you’ll have come so very far,
And you’ll have reached for that bright star.
So keep on going, don’t give up hope,
And know that you are more than capable to cope.

You have the strength, you have the drive,
And you have the courage to thrive.
So go out there and make your mark,
And let your light shine bright like a spark.


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