English poetry for sports, You create leaders

English poetry for sports

Poetry on Sports

On a boring day

you are the relaxation.

You create leaders

You make people strong.

English poetry for sports

The fielder tries hard to catch the ball,

the batsman becomes out without any call.

Hockey is our national sport

but doesn’t promise any comfort.

Children do cycling every day,

and it benefits them in every way.

Table Tennis is played in four,

every player wanting to play more.

Sprinters run and run,

until they feel they are done.

It chooses the perfect player,

who are the real fear killer.

Players fail and get up,

but never give up.

U teach what pain is,

and tells not to set the mind at ease.

Players come and go,

but your idea remains the same.

U give the winning happiness,

and don’t judge anyone by prettiness.

U are the reality of pain,

which proves no pain no gain.

English poetry for sports

-by Ankita Akanshya

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