Best English poetry of love, MY BEST PERSON

Best English poetry of love


You are the finest thing that
have ever took place to me.
Just as the stars sparkle
in the dark night sky, so do you.

When we are together,
I fail to think of the rest.
You drew memories in my mind.
I could not for a moment wipe them out.

Best English poetry of love

I didn’t knew what love sensed like
Until you filled my heart with the pieces of you.
And so , you portrait attractive colors in my heart
That could never get faded up.

Like one respires,
Loving you is the most natural feelings
I’ve ever known.
I could not at all think of replacing you.

Best English poetry of love

All my better days are
the ones spent with you.
It’s consistently, constantly, continuously
Gonna be you.

– by Aradhana Devi.S

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