English poetry on life, Far from Here

English poetry on life


Whom in the world can be so rude…
Than a girl like me with a swinging mood.
Whom in the world can so bad be…
Than my peers had like me.

English poetry on life pocket shayari

Oh I hate to twist the matter
The truth is that, am really a chatter.
Doing hell of rubbish things,
Felt sometime that I had wings.

Knowing that none likes me here,
I want to have some peers near
I always felt that I’m so lucky,
To have some friends who play me tricky…

Life goes fast and sometimes slow,
To have all problems even though…
When you do the right you think,
It goes wrong and then you blink…

English poetry on life pocket shayari

Want to go some far from this.
They always find me being amiss.
Just can’t control my hearty tears,
That I want to go so far from here!!!

-by Shahira Shabnam. S

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