English poetry on Nature, creations are wonderful

English poetry on Nature

Just now I noticed, oh my God

Your creations are wonderful, thank you a lot!

Right now I’m seeing the sun’s getting down,

The scene is so beautiful which am being bound!

English poetry on Nature

I have studied about optical science,

That, how sky scatters it’s colourful lines.

Couldn’t see this logic even being known,

On this reddish evening sky that I’m being shown…

English poetry on Nature
poem on nature in english

It is getting dark, reddish into brown

Oh yes the plum like a fairy dusk gown.

I could see some birds, returning to their nest

Like we do, after the day all need some rest…

English poetry on Nature
English poetry on Nature

Clouds are meeting their twinkling friends

Though being old stars stay in trends.

I go jealous on seeing them with buddies,

‘Cause  am being trapped with never ending studies…

English poetry on Nature
english poetry on life

Just now I noticed no moon in the sky!

Let me ask the stars,am sure they won’t lie…

Oh I got the answer for my question “why?”

They told that on seeing me, the moon got shy!!!

English poetry on Nature
poetry on Nature

by – Shahira Shabnam. S

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