Heart Touching Poem for parents | English poem for father and mother

Heart Touching Poem for parents

Thank you, God, you gave me my father & Mother,

They love me like no one another.

They are my ideal, they are my inspiration,

They thought me life’s most important lesson.

Their presence brings smile on my face,

They gave me the power to win life’s most difficult race.

They gave me the courage to handle every situation,

They are my whole world, they are my nation…

Heart Touching Poem for parents

The night is dark and the day is sunny,

No one can love you like your papa & Mummy…

God is great, he has given you the best gift,

Yes, it is your parents and their love which no one can defeat…

Look at the Sun, Look at the Sky,

You can’t touch them because they are so high.

But you are luckier than them,

As you have your parents,

Who are enlightening your life like the Sun,

And have as much love & care for you 

Like the number of stars in the sky…

Sony Kumari Shaw

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