Poem on woman empowerment, THE POWERFUL WOMAN

Poem on woman empowerment


Poem on woman empowerment

She was a beauteous piece of art,
Passionate in words and with million dreams.
Defined by no man,
She is the writer of her own story.
Flaming through the world,
Bringing bend to history into her-story.

She battles her whole life
To become the well-built woman people see.
Cause every woman is a angel
Held up with responsibilities and
Dressed up in her own blood.

She brings strength to a man’s life.
She fancies people to love her
So hard that they glue
All her smashed pieces back together
To bring a new complete self again.

She was so powerful,
Not because she was frightened of her dreams
But because she went so strongly
Despite the fears and struggles.
And so, she is called
both a war and a positive light

poem on woman empowerment
Poem on woman empowerment

– by Aradhana Devi.S

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