Poetry on Love in English, When love happens

English poetry in love

When love happens,
Shallow mind twinkles.
I stole your heart
And I got caught up.
It made me a prisoner
But baby, this is the finest prison ever.

Poetry on Love in English
poetry about love in english

Loving you was like being a world tourist
Visiting the cherry blossom of the spring season in Japan
To jumble my inner pinks
with the forever paint

My words last longer
if they are about you.

Poetry of love in english –

Poetry on Love in English
Poetry on Love in English

When the rain drops down,
it seems to be the framework of our love.
You and me standing in the middle of nowhere
Both looking into each others eyes so deep.

And at that very moment,
I just wished to not for a moment stop falling upon us.
Cause I wanna adore this moment till eternity.

As the rain knows to fall to the earth endlessly,
My heart fell for you the same.
There’s a melancholy to rain,
Just like there is to love.

Even in your absence
The geniality of your presence pleases my soul.
Let the rain remind you of how I loved you.
Let it also remind you of how I’m crying.

The rain will always be there as
my acquaintance to tell me that I have loved.

– by Aradhana Devi.S

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